Friday, June 29, 2012

Weeding Needed

I worked in the yard this week, and my ankles (all braced and wrapped) allowed me to.  It was good to be able to do this.  I have missed it so.  This rock bed was covered in a growth of weeds and a few flowers.  It took me two mornings to finish.

The pic below was after one morning's work--I had made a path.

Then I tackled the back yard.  I'm still not finished with it.  I just work in the mornings because we're having temps in the 100's.  It looks terrible, and my hubby says it needs my touch--that's a nice way of saying "get back to work!"--ha-ha.
My ankles still need more improvement, because I walked only 10 minutes on the treadmill yesterday (at 2 mph, for crying out loud), and my ankles bothered me last night.  It's been 3 months since I injured them--wow---how long is it going to take?  At least I can pull weeds, and ride the recumbent bike without hurting them.  Patience is my lesson here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have a Finish!!!!

Checkerberry Bliss is finished---Yea!  I put the binding on today, along with a little weed pulling, exercising at the gym and running errands--(Mailing Jen her present, and picking up my BP meds).
I started this quilt in November of 2010.  One UFO down, and about 10 to go.  I'm not sure which UFO I will work on next.  Maybe my Applecores I started a year ago. 

Here's a slightly distorted view of the quilt on the line.  I should have squatted a little so it wouldn't like it is larger at the top.

This will be nice to snuggle up under with my hubby when we are chilly.  The back side is flannel which will be even warmer.

For some reason the black in the picture looks washed out--it's much darker than that.
I think I will throw it in the washing machine now that the pics have been taken.  Next I need to go fix supper: Grilled chicken, Steamed Broccoli, and Fried Sweet potatoes is the plan.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sore Fingers

I've been sewing and quilting.  This is the apron I made for our oldest daughter for her birthday.
I need Erin to come over and model it, but the floor will have to do.  Now I need to send it to Jen.

  I finished hand quilting "Checkerberry Bliss", and now it's ready to bind.  It took me a month to quilt it by hand.  When I finished my fingers were so sore that it hurt to fix supper.  I guess I'll have to quit fixing supper--ha-ha!  I don't think hubby would care for that idea at all.

PS.  Erin came over so I put her to modeling.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

English Paper Piecing Project

I've started a new project.  We went on a trip yesterday with my sisters and bro-in-law, and I didn't have a handwork project going, so I ate candy---Yuck!

I decided I needed to have something to do with my hands besides stuff my mouth.  English Paper Piecing is very addicting, and that's better than eating stuff that's bad.
I've always wanted a red bag, so here we go.  The hexagons have 3/4 inch sides.  I cut the fabric in two inch strips then into 2 inch squares.  The fabric squares will go wrapped around the paper hexagons and basted in place.  Then I can join them together, and quilt them for the front and back of the bag.  After that it will be quick work to make the bag.  The bag will take 340 hexagons altogether--two groups of 170, so it will take a while, and that's okay.  I made 34 of them already.  It's fun!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A New Day

What a beautiful morning it was--and---I felt good after being sick for two days.

My ankles almost felt normal after two days rest.

I love my hollyhocks.

I helped hubby to haul off some brush from trimming trees.
Then we planted our elephant ears---WAIT, who's that gray haired woman working in my yard?  Oh that's me---Eeeek!  My hair shows up a lot grayer in outdoor shots.

Done! It's nice to feel good again.
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