Monday, June 25, 2012

I have a Finish!!!!

Checkerberry Bliss is finished---Yea!  I put the binding on today, along with a little weed pulling, exercising at the gym and running errands--(Mailing Jen her present, and picking up my BP meds).
I started this quilt in November of 2010.  One UFO down, and about 10 to go.  I'm not sure which UFO I will work on next.  Maybe my Applecores I started a year ago. 

Here's a slightly distorted view of the quilt on the line.  I should have squatted a little so it wouldn't like it is larger at the top.

This will be nice to snuggle up under with my hubby when we are chilly.  The back side is flannel which will be even warmer.

For some reason the black in the picture looks washed out--it's much darker than that.
I think I will throw it in the washing machine now that the pics have been taken.  Next I need to go fix supper: Grilled chicken, Steamed Broccoli, and Fried Sweet potatoes is the plan.

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  1. A lovely quilt! And flannel-backed snuggle-ups sound so COZY for chilly evenings. Great job!