Monday, May 21, 2012


Our oldest grand daughter, Brittany, just graduated from High School.  We went to Iowa to celebrate this great event with her.  We are so proud of her--she is such a lovely young lady.

Our youngest daughter, Erin, made the cupcakes, and Jen and I helped her with the assembly of them--about 75 cupcakes altogether.
Our oldest daughter, Jen (mother of the graduate), got lots of help--including her MIL who is a great cook--she made the Mac and cheese, and three dips.  Erin made two kinds of cookies along with all those cupcakes, I carved the watermelons while Jen orchestrated the whole thing.  The guys grilled the Hawaiian marinated chicken on sticks.  Jen also had baked beans, chips, and fruit kabobs.  Britt made the watermelon punch.  The meal was delicious to the max, and beautiful.
There were about 60-70 guest that came and went for about four hours.  There were several yard games, and a picture booth which Erin took pics of everyone with props like hats, lips, mustaches, funny glasses, etc. ----lots of fun.
They borrowed a tent for the food tables.  It was a nice day, and a storm blew up after it was all over.  A wonderful day for our grand daughter to remember.

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