Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our daughter had a tree cut down, and we have been cleaning up the debris.  It's nice to have one good ankle to use when you sprain the other, but I have to be different and sprain both.  I got my foot caught on a willow branch, and when I put my foot back down it landed on something sideways and down I went.

I have sprained this ankle before, several times, but it' been about 30 years since I did it last.
At least there is no bruising, just swelling, and pain. 
(Time out:  There was brusing that showed up later.)
I did hear a loud pop when I went down with this one.  I stood up, and thought I was fine, but then I had pain shooting up both legs.  I should have stayed in bed that day.  I'm gonna have to borrow a walker possibly, but maybe not--we'll see.
I wrapped up both ankles and went to the Causus with hubby and Erin which lasted 9 hours for us--yesterday.  I hope I didn't damage my ankles--I read that can happen if you don't let it heal.  I only sat around mostly, but my feet weren't  propped up.  I hope I didn't injure them further, but I am having more pain.  I'm taking it easy today.  I've been reading a good book our daughter, Jennifer loaned us, watching the birds at the feeder, and bird bath, and playing with the computer.  The bad news is our Grandson Cyle is playing in the National Homeschool Basketball tournament or finals or something like that--I sure hope I get to go.  I will make every effort.  That's one reason why I'm being so good today.  Heal ankles, heal!


  1. Oh No Last July I fell down a couple steps and sprained both ankles but I couldn't stay off them. I hobbled for weeks and to this day I have to wear compressions socks and keep them elevated. If I don't I have major swelling. I feel your pain. Advice: Keep off them and elevate them. Good luck

  2. Thank you Susan for the advise. I sure don't want that to happen.