Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring's a Comin'

One week until Spring officially gets here.  It's been a very mild winter, and that's okay.
My vinca is blooming.
Saturday we bought a new bird feeder.  It's right outside our patio door.  We have a problem with large birds in our yard, and this is for small birds.  Yesterday we had a large falcon, and a bunch of crows making weird noises.  I think they kind of scare the small birds off.  Hopefully that will change--we'll see.
We had a Cardinal hen on it when I took these pics today.

This evening we cleaned up the yard from twigs and dried up vegetation in my flower beds.
Then we had a fire with it all.  It was a warm day, and my hubby burned his face a little by standing too close to the fire--it just looks like a sun burn.
I haven't started any seeds for my flower beds, because the Japanese Beetles just ate all my flowers last summer so I'm not sure what I'll do this year.

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