Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, I went to the Dr. yesterday, and guess what?!  I broke my ankle on the right as well as spraining it and the left ankle.  I go back to see him in three weeks. 
See that pretty bouquet?  That's from Erin--from her yard.  Pretty, huh?  It's an "I'm sorry your broken" bouquet.

For now I have to put my feet up 4 times a day, and ice them for 30 minutes each time, wear these beautiful compression socks and also this air splint.  I also am suppose to wear an elastic support on my left ankle.   Woo-hoo!  Must get one first.
I'm just an accident waiting to happen.

I did get to go to our grandson's Basket Ball game last night, and they won, 48 to 10.

That's our grandson, Cole in the foreground.

That's Cyle---No. 2 in the center.

My hubby was so pleased to have his whole family in the gym where he graduated from High School back in 1965.

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