Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Iowa Fun

We just returned from a trip from Iowa to see our kids and grand kids there.
The pic above is what we saw a lot of while we were traveling--Mr. Peabody's Coal Train--as my hubby called them.  He has his own name for everything--not kidding.
This train was in Mid Nebraska where we went to watch our grand son, Cyle, play basketball.  That was a lot of fun.  He's the tall #2 waiting to get the rebound.  Cyle's team won--I think the score was 55 to 39 or something like that.  I enjoy watching him play--Go Cyle!

We sat on the bleachers, and here are Papa, and our beautiful grand daughter, Brittany.

Here are two of our beautiful daughters, Erin, and Jennifer. 
The blue purse is mine and I managed to dump some of it's contents underneath the bleachers--the perils of Jerri--I always have to have lots of junk with me.

This day happened to be my birthday, when we got home from the game, Our daughters made a nice meal with Brownies and Ice cream for dessert--Yum! 
Cole entertained us with Chino, the dog's antics--He (Chino) is somethin' else.  We were disappointed that Cole's basketball game was canceled the next day--BOO-HISS!  Jen tells me he's an aggressive guard and I would have loved to see him play, too.

Chino was a lot of fun--never ending excitement.  Can I say, HYPER?


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