Saturday, January 7, 2012

Apron Pickyness

Here's the sewing project I made for our daughter.  Although it turned out okay, I'm not real pleased with the pattern.
I wanted the apron to wrap around more, and not be so long--it's just not what I had in mind.  Of course you never know about a pattern until you make it for the first time.  This one needs adjustments made to it.
You can't really tell from looking at the pattern front about these potential problems.  I had to make adjustments to the pattern piece of the body of the apron.  If you look real close, the piece extends past the edge of the material.

I had to put a pleat in the pattern to get it to fit on the material, as you can see below.
I need to make a note of this on the front of the pattern envelope for future reference.  It might have fit on some other fabric--this fabric just happened not to be wide enough.

You can also see I had to piece the apron's ties. 
I made a card for our daughter's birthday. 

Here she is wearing the apron, and she liked it, but I am going to make another one anyway--I have it cut out, and I've made this one before, so I know it will be more to my liking.  She likes this one just fine, but it wasn't what I had in mind.
It was a combination birthday party for our daughter and her son--our seven year old grandson.  His older sisters made the Lego cake for him, and we went together with another daughter, and got him remote control trucks that shoot lasers at each other--that was a big hit, as was the box.  They put their barky little dog inside the box, and he could see out through the cellophane and mostly just sat inside the box and looked out.  He didn't seem to mind either--it was pretty funny to see him just setting their before they let him out.
I liked the cake--so cute.

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