Monday, January 2, 2012

Apothecary Cuteness

I've been trying to freshen up my counter tops.  I received some really cute apothecary jars for Christmas.  On Pinterest I've pinned several kinds of things to do with them--now I'm rearranging things to see what I think.
There are no guarantees that it will remain this way.

Here's the jars--ain't they cute? 
I like the little birds on top; so sweet.

Which leads to more moving things around

I like the quote below.  Not everyone enjoy's my opinions.

I moved my herbs and spices.  They were in a merry-go-round type of contraption that collected a lot of dust, and was hard to clean.  It's gone now.  The herbs and spices are lined up on the back of the buffet part of my hutch.

I can still find them, and hopefully they won't catch as much dust.
We had a New Year's Get-together here yesterday with 31 guests.  I was afraid my house wouldn't hold them all, but it worked out nicely.  Of course we didn't eat until 2 pm because of Church.  I had a Jr. Burger on the way home to hold me until then.  We cleaned up this morning before breakfast. 
I love, love, love a clean house.

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