Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Bunny Foo-Foo and Smoked Chicken

This little bunny is sunning out in our back yard this morning---cute.  Bunnies like our yard because we have no pets out there, and lots of hiding places from the neighbors' cats.

We smoked some chickens.  I love having meat on hand in the refrigerator.  Smoked meat doesn't get an old taste either, which is handy for me on my special diet--instead of carbs for snacks I need protein to keep my BP from spiking--weird, huh?

This pic was taken soon after we put them in our electric smoker.

This one is taken after the smoking process was over.    I know they look dark, but that's because of the smoking--you don't eat the skin.  We had a meal with part of one chicken, then I de-boned and skinned the remaining......and

bagged the meat into meal sized portions, which I can freeze or just refrigerate, depending on when I plan to use them.  I'm thinking... barbecue sauce and wraps for one meal, and a salad for me.  Soup is a possibility, pot pie also, that is if I could figure a way to make it lo-carb.  I guess I could make some small portions to freeze for hubby, then fix a salad for me.  He's on a lo-fat diet, while I'm on a lo-carb one.  It's kinda tricky.
I just know this meat is great on a salad, or in a wrap, which is real handy when you've got other things you need to be doing.

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