Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flowers Again

Well it's gonna be another post about flowers, so hang on to your hats. 
They have been predicting rain all day--it may happen.

Our dogwood is at peak in it's bloom right now.
I'm interrupting this post to let my granddaughter know that I'm working on her dress.

More flowers.....

I love this shot---it looks like the truck is on top of the flowers.
I absolutely love these tulips.
Johnny jump ups are everywhere.


This last picture shows where I need to finish trimming the ivy with the straight arrow.  The curved arrow shows where I took out a volunteer bush.  I had gloves on when I took it out, but worked up bad blister on my thumb.  It's better now though.  My columbine will be blooming soon, and my clematis---love it.

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