Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bush Wackers

What a day we had yesterday.  A while back I removed one of our three big bushes out front, and injured my arm in the process.  Yesterday we removed the other two---well, cut them back (it was like a removal because they were so huge).
I trimmed back the ivy growing on the brick also.
Here is the view from the porch.
And the view now---what a difference. 
Hubby got out the chain saw and had them babies cut back in no time.  My job was loading the truck with the trimmings.  I'm surprised we got both bush trimmings in the pick-up bed, but we did with lots of tie downs.
They look pretty pitiful now, but next summer they will grow.
My sister called when we were leaving for the leaf dump, and needed us to pick up some bales of straw, so I volunteered my hubby to cut down her half dead apple tree and haul it off.  We also cleared her back fence of vines and weed trees, and her side fence also.  We worked a very long time, and today I can hardly move.  Tomorrow we get to mow two or three yards.  Hubby being retired is a lot of work for me, but I love it.  Yard work I love.

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