Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Very Busy Week

My hubby wanted to take my pic in front of the crepe myrtle, but I suggested it be him in the pic.  He was washing the cars here--(I call him Mr. Clean).
Handsome hubs, and beautiful crepe myrtle.  This pic was taken before the tons of rain we got, which caused the full blooms to take on lots of water then bow down their tops.  They're back to normal now.
My week has been filled with lots of things.  I'm working on some more tea towels.
My table is being used for my plant nursery.  These plants all needed repotting.
I took care of that this week; now they have room to grow.
I also mowed, trimmed, planted a few flowers from my potting table, severely cut back a bush that was about 7-8' tall, hurt my elbow,  picked my sister up at the airport, finished my Bible study, finished teaching Summer Arts--not counting exercising with my daughter, cooking and cleaning.  Let's see-----that's probably not a complete list, but that's good enough.  I need to mow my sister's yard, but it has been too rainy for that.  When my hubby retires, he can help.

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