Monday, February 27, 2012

I Call Myself NEEDLEBENDER For A Reason

I've decided to hand quilt this small project.
It's been a while since I've hand quilted, and it won't take long.  I've almost forgotten how.  I had to get a new thimble; I needed one that wouldn't fall off all the time, and it's working a little better than the other one.
 I also got some new needles, but I went back to the longer, stronger needle, because I'm quilting in the ditch, and that means I quilt through many layers when I get the the corner seams.
I might give the size 10 needles a try with a different project.  The lady at the quilting store said she has used these size 10 needles on a queen size quilt and is still using the same needle that she started with. 
 I had the size 10 needle bent in about 15 minutes of quilting---hence the name NEEDLEBENDER.  If I weren't quilting in the ditch that might not happen.  I'll give it another try on something else.

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