Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yard Work Saturday

We worked in the yard today, and cleared the vegetable garden area.  It's a beautiful day for it.
Hubby needed to get the area level to make room for a storage building.
The patio is being overtaken by my sweet potato vine.  The morning glory in the center of the pic never did flower--too much shade, but I love our big ole tree.
I've just about always used our table for my plant nursery.  I was hoping to make a flower bed in front for the impatiens on the table, but with my back like it is, I just never felt good enough to do it.  I am able to do some gardening, just not the amount I used to be able to.  I am very thankful that I can do the amount that I can.  I am hoping to do some more soon, but that depends on how my back is going to react to what I did today.  It usually takes a day or two for me to know for sure.  So far so good.

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