Friday, April 4, 2014

Sampler Quilting

I finished quilting my sampler blocks, got them joined together, and now I'm quilting the sashing between the blocks.  I have 3 done and 37 to go, so that will take a while, but I do want to get it finished.
I started this quilt in 1986, and it's been on hold for a long time.  It's all hand pieced and hand quilted.  Believe it or not, I actually have quilts older than that I haven't finished.  One at a time is my new motto.  I still need borders on this, but I'm not sure what kind or if any at this point--we'll see.  It's about 82 inches square now.  I know the names of all the blocks except one.  The first one on the left, on row two from the top is my mystery block.
From the top left: Row one: Drunkards path, Storm at sea, Honey bee, and Churn dash.  
Row two: MYSTERY BLOCK, Order number 11, Ohio star, and Star and crescent. 
Row three:  Dresden plate, Turkey tracks, Tulip wheel, and Bear's paw. 
Row four:  Eight point star, Stamp baskets, Grandmother's flower garden, and Double nine patch.


  1. I like the honey bee square, but I like the mix too. I'm going to name your mystery block "New Mexico Star". :)

  2. Works for me--and it does kind of look like their emblem.