Saturday, July 20, 2013

What I been doin'....

Gardening, mowing, Bible study, and swimming, that's what.  I've kind of ignored my blog just a little bit.  This morning, real early (6 am) we went to take care of my sister's yard.  I was getting ready to mow, and hubby said look at the sunrise--so I took a pic!
I never tire of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
I finished up my Isaiah part 1 for the spring.......
and this is my Summer study--Wa-hoo!  I love it. Two more lessons.  In August we start part 2 of Isaiah.
I've got lots of watering going on in the front....
( see the neighbor's cat?)
and in the back.
Lastly, I've been swimming---just look at that water.
Makes me want to jump in just looking at it.