Friday, March 30, 2012

Lady Bugs And A Convertible

In my crippled state I have made a couple of "Lady Bugs"  as our baby granddaughter calls them.

Our daughter, Erin, bought a BMW convertible, and her and hubby are detailing it.  It was already supposed to have been done, but it wasn't done right.  She and hubby are having a lot of fun with it.  She took me for a spin in it when I took her to pick it up today---WITH THE TOP DOWN---and it didn't even mess my hair up.

I love how everything is greening up, and I love, love, love, our dogwood tree.

I need to pull some weeds, but being crippled in the ankles makes that difficult.  I'm not healing as fast as I would prefer...I just need some patience.  Aaaaah!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, I went to the Dr. yesterday, and guess what?!  I broke my ankle on the right as well as spraining it and the left ankle.  I go back to see him in three weeks. 
See that pretty bouquet?  That's from Erin--from her yard.  Pretty, huh?  It's an "I'm sorry your broken" bouquet.

For now I have to put my feet up 4 times a day, and ice them for 30 minutes each time, wear these beautiful compression socks and also this air splint.  I also am suppose to wear an elastic support on my left ankle.   Woo-hoo!  Must get one first.
I'm just an accident waiting to happen.

I did get to go to our grandson's Basket Ball game last night, and they won, 48 to 10.

That's our grandson, Cole in the foreground.

That's Cyle---No. 2 in the center.

My hubby was so pleased to have his whole family in the gym where he graduated from High School back in 1965.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our daughter had a tree cut down, and we have been cleaning up the debris.  It's nice to have one good ankle to use when you sprain the other, but I have to be different and sprain both.  I got my foot caught on a willow branch, and when I put my foot back down it landed on something sideways and down I went.

I have sprained this ankle before, several times, but it' been about 30 years since I did it last.
At least there is no bruising, just swelling, and pain. 
(Time out:  There was brusing that showed up later.)
I did hear a loud pop when I went down with this one.  I stood up, and thought I was fine, but then I had pain shooting up both legs.  I should have stayed in bed that day.  I'm gonna have to borrow a walker possibly, but maybe not--we'll see.
I wrapped up both ankles and went to the Causus with hubby and Erin which lasted 9 hours for us--yesterday.  I hope I didn't damage my ankles--I read that can happen if you don't let it heal.  I only sat around mostly, but my feet weren't  propped up.  I hope I didn't injure them further, but I am having more pain.  I'm taking it easy today.  I've been reading a good book our daughter, Jennifer loaned us, watching the birds at the feeder, and bird bath, and playing with the computer.  The bad news is our Grandson Cyle is playing in the National Homeschool Basketball tournament or finals or something like that--I sure hope I get to go.  I will make every effort.  That's one reason why I'm being so good today.  Heal ankles, heal!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring's a Comin'

One week until Spring officially gets here.  It's been a very mild winter, and that's okay.
My vinca is blooming.
Saturday we bought a new bird feeder.  It's right outside our patio door.  We have a problem with large birds in our yard, and this is for small birds.  Yesterday we had a large falcon, and a bunch of crows making weird noises.  I think they kind of scare the small birds off.  Hopefully that will change--we'll see.
We had a Cardinal hen on it when I took these pics today.

This evening we cleaned up the yard from twigs and dried up vegetation in my flower beds.
Then we had a fire with it all.  It was a warm day, and my hubby burned his face a little by standing too close to the fire--it just looks like a sun burn.
I haven't started any seeds for my flower beds, because the Japanese Beetles just ate all my flowers last summer so I'm not sure what I'll do this year.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


My Deuteronomy Study is finished.  It's very rich in how to live our lives--and applied to today will enrich our spiritual lives.  BTW, God hasn't changed--it shows us how to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and how to love others as ourselves.   It is very applicable to today, and I need to review it often.

My never ending apple cores are still around...I'm using the last of them to make a bag, he-he.  I like handwork.

I got my new Bible Study; it's Numbers.  The first week of study is supposed to be the hardest, it covers the first eleven chapters.  It's a seven week study.
I'm excited--I love God's Word.